Morris, Rossetti and Burne-Jones took rooms at 87 High Street, opposite Queen’s College, Oxford. In late June/early July Morris went with Rossetti to see Benjamin Woodward in Oxford. Woodward had been chosen to design the University Museum and the Union Debating Hall.

Rossetti offered to decorate the apsed upper walls and roof of the Union debating hall. The Union Building Committee accepted this offer. Amongst those to take part in the project were Burne-Jones, Arthur Hughes, Spencer Stanhope, Val Princep and Hungerford Pollen.

Morris subject was `How Sir Polomydes loved La Belle Iseult with exceeding great love out of measure and how she loved him not again but rather Sir Tristram.’

It was generally considered to have been a failure. Morris later described it as `being extremely ludicrous in many ways.’