Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian age

Educational Resource Packs


This resource was produced as a result of a professional development course, ‘Printmaking through the work of William Morris’, for primary school teachers.

It offers practical advice and support for teaching the unit of work ‘Investigating pattern’. It contains detailed planning and assessment for each session. The work of William Morris is integral and provides the initial stimulus.

The unit is planned for years 4, 5 or 6 in key stage 2. It can be adapted for key stage 1 and can be extended for year 7 in key stage 3. Support materials are included to extend teaching and learning as well as examples of childrens’ work.

We hope that this resource will help primary school teachers and children to develop their skills and techniques in printmaking as well as knowledge and understanding of the work of William Morris.

Author – Rosemary Bignell who has many years experience as a teacher and as an adviser for Art and Design in Primary schools

Download here: Printmaking resource


Arts and Crafts Hammersmith Education Packs

These educational Resources were produced as part of Arts and Crafts Hammersmith, a partnership between The Emery Walker Trust and The William Morris Society.

Primary Education Resource Pack:

Primary Education Resource Pack

Secondary Education Resource Pack:

Secondary resources & worksheets

Geometry and Number in Islamic and British Arts and Crafts For Key Stages 2-3:

Geometry and Number In Islamic and British Arts and Crafts For Key Stages 2-3