Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian age



“it was the essence of my undertaking to produce books which it would be a pleasure to look upon”– William Morris, 1895


An appeal by the Society for important redevelopments to the Emberton Print Room that will ensure more Kelmscott Press objects are on permanent & long-term display 

Central to our celebration of the Kelmscott Press in 2021 will be the redevelopment of the Emberton Print Room at Kelmscott House.

While the Society is fortunate to have one of Morris’s original printing presses as well as a collection of Kelmscott Press books, original designs and proof pages, we require certain minor renovation works and to purchase museum grade display equipment to enable us to safely exhibit and share this important part of our collection.


Our target is to raise £4,000 and we are confident that we will be able to do so with your support – any amount, large or small, will help us to achieve this goal!

These funds will allow us to upgrade the lighting in the space, as it is currently not suitable for the display of printed material for long durations, and to purchase a new display case and accompanying object mounts to enable us to regularly display Kelmscott Press books and ephemera in a safe and secure manner.


The simplest way to donate is online here.

Or if you would prefer, send a cheque made payable to ‘The William Morris Society’ at the following address:

The William Morris Society

26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith

London W6 9TA

and mark your envelope ‘Print Room Appeal’.

Please also note that if you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your gift by 25% at no extra cost to you through the Gift Aid scheme. If you require a Gift Aid form please email


The Society will recognise the generosity of our donors in this appeal through the following exclusive initiatives:

  • Donations £10 and over will have the donor’s name listed (if wished) as a supporter on our website and in our magazine
  • Donations £30 and over will receive a memento of thanks, hand-printed on the Society’s Albion Press and have the donor’s name listed as a supporter as per above
  • Donations £150 and over, in addition to receiving the above memento and name listed as a supporter, will also have the opportunity to attend a curator led session with the Kelmscott Press Chaucer (and others) uncased at Kelmscott House (to take place post COVID)
  • Donations £400 and over, in addition to receiving the above benefits, will be invited to bring a small group to Kelmscott House for a private printing session with the Society’s Albion Press (to take place post COVID)