The cobweb broom is the broom you never knew you needed! Perfect for cobwebs in high-up ceiling corners, but also other hard-to-reach places like underneath the dishwasher, behind the fridge or radiator, in between blinds or on top of curtain rails.

You will learn how to make one cobweb broom using broomcorn fibre. A selection of wooden broomsticks and a variety of colours of nylon thread will be provided for you to choose from. You will learn how to weave the stalks onto your broom handle and how to stitch the fibres together.

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Please note that broom making is surprisingly physical, so you will need a reasonable amount of dexterity in your hands and feet.

The broomcorn will be soaked before use so will still be damp – you might like to bring a small towel with you to keep your lap dry. Some warm socks to wear could also be useful as we will be working with our shoes off!