Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest figures of the Victorian age

ZOOM LECTURE: H G Wells and William Morris: The Golden Age of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fiction

July 11, 2020 15.00

We are delighted to co-host this online talk by artist Rex Parker exploring the creative connections between H G Wells and William Morris. The talk will be your time machine to the birth of fantasy fiction and science fiction. Enter an age of artisans, poets, pirates, knights, spaceships and an Invisible Man. A collection of timeless tales of the key figures of the era will feature George Bernard Shaw, Henry James, Edward Burne-Jones, May Morris, W B Yeats, Emery Walker, Oscar Wilde and T J Cobden-Sanderson.

Rex Parker is an American artist, designer and illustrator. He is releasing a new poster series, ‘H G Wells: a Time Traveler’s Life’, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of The Time Machine this summer. Rex’s work is available for public viewing in galleries, museums, universities and other permanent collections in the US and beyond.

Please email to register for this event.