Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian age

William Morris: Wallpaper Man, Storybook One

February 25, 2021 18.30-20.00

William Morris: Wallpaper Man is an exhibition of new work made in collaboration with the William Morris Society that explores the legacy of William Morris as a visionary thinker and ‘protector’ of natural and man-made environments. The work, created by The Storybox Collective—a group of students, graduates and alumni from Kingston School of Art—explores the resonance of Morris’ work in the context of the ecological and political issues of today.

The work in this exhibition has been curated into three group StoryBoxes each linked by a quote from William Morris’s lectures. The Collective’s definition of a storybox is something that best communicates the narrative of the combined work. It can take any form: print, digital, moving image or object.

This first of three free events will feature works from Storybox One, in which the makers considered Morris’ words from ‘Hopes and fears for art: the prospects of architecture in civilisation’, 1880 “… are you contented that it should be so?”. This event will feature each maker presenting their work and then shift to a panel conversation, in which the artists will discuss their inspiration and understanding of Morris as artist, activist, craftsman, poet, writer and Socialist.

A further two events of this nature will take place over the next couple of months, highlighting Storyboxes Two and Three.

Image: Quilt, By Izi Thexton
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