Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian age

Sex, Drugs and Epilepsy in the Morris Family

January 23, 2016 2.15 at The William Morris Society, Coach House

Leslie Forbes, Jan Marsh, Sue Ridge & Prof. Marjorie Lorch

The exhibition ‘Embroidered Minds: William Gowers & the Morris Family’ is a collaboration of award-winning artists, writers and doctors who are questioning how epilepsy might have affected the Morrises – creatively and in terms of relationships. This talk will elaborate upon the exhibition and the questions it raises. Authors Leslie Forbes and Jan Marsh, neurological historian Prof. Marjorie Lorch and  artist Sue Ridge will demonstrate, using examples from the Embroidered Minds exhibition currently at Queen Square archives, how questions about epilepsy and the Morrises are still relevant today.

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More information about the Embroidered Minds exhibition can be found here.