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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Drawing Islamic Geometric Patterns

October 20, 2020 15.00-17.00

Learn how to create beautiful Islamic geometric patterns with artist Samira Mian.

We begin with a blank sheet of paper & step by step draw layers of lines and circles using a compass and straight edge. These patterns that would have been drawn in the same way across the Islamic lands for many centuries. They have adorned palaces, madrassas and mosques and illuminated manuscripts from Spain across to China from the 8th century till now. During the workshop we will draw a single unit of the repeating pattern to warm up and familiarise ourselves, we will then draw it repeated four times, outline in pen and colour & embellish with colouring/watercolour pencils.

You will need the following equipment:
Plain paper, transparent 30cm ruler, compass, 2H pencil, fineliner pen, watercolour pencils, sharpener and eraser.

Samira Mian is a budding artist and experienced educator with a passion for Islamic Geometry.

Minimum age of participants is 14

Cost: £45 per person

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