Perpetuating the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian age

Business and Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

The William Morris Society is committed to holding itself to the highest fiduciary dstandards expected of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). We have to plan ahead, taking account of the needs of our members and other stakeholders whilst remaining true to our vision.

Our Business and Strategic Plan, developed with us by consultant Simon Daykin, provides a roadmap for the next six years, amidst exciting change and growth.

We aim to uphold our core values, and Morris’s legacy. We shall do what we do well, and make the most of that in a challenging world.

We have to protect our financial reserves – our long term security – through sustainable profits. Income needs to increase and costs need to be managed, to avoid becoming financially vulnerable.

We will take a more commercial attitude towards trading and income generation: developing our assets and making them readily available to those keen to take a slice.

Partnerships, such as with Emery Walker Trust through the Arts and Crafts Hammersmith project, are key to success. By working with others, we can achieve much more.

In summary, we shall:

  • Increase annual profits, from trading, retailing, licensing and hires
  • Increase membership revenues, from growing numbers of members and subscription levels that offer value for money
  • Operate efficiently, reducing the proportion of income we spend on overheads
  • Offer excellent value for all

Every penny of income is ploughed back into the charity. This helps us to deliver more work in education, public access and the conservation of our collections; and protect and promote Morris’s rich legacy.

The Society’s Constitution can be downloaded here as a PDF.
*we recommend you download Adobe Reader to view the PDF. A free download is available here*