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This week: exhibition from the Pilsudski Institute and change to opening times

Posted on October 5, 2022

This week we are delighted to host an exhibition in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Pilsudski Institute in London. Nispa Among the Ainu presents the character and academic achievements of the outstanding Polish ethnographer – Bronislaw Pilsudski – to whom we owe the phonographic recordings of the Ainu songs and speech.  By exploring the Ainu culture it touches on difficult anthropological issues, paying attention to the ethnic diversity of the world. It makes viewers sensitive to the problem of the disappearance of cultures and the still repressive treatment of national minorities.

The exhibition will be on display in the Coach House on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. We will be CLOSED on Thursday to allow for installation.

The display of Arts and Crafts pieces by students from the Macbeth Centre in Hammersmith continues until the end of the week in the Print Room.